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  1. Inconsistency - String text does not change to red and fades
  2. Inconsistency - Heart beeps and enter/exit item cellars or passageways
  3. [LOZ inconsistency] Top of screen in item room & passageway
  4. Inconsistency - Music keeps going when Link uses a Potion
  5. NES Inconsistency: Item Pickups
  6. [758] Wall Masters continue to come out of wall after clock is picked up
  7. These enemies don't get stuck on edge... (Roughly Build 828)
  8. An old bug that still hasn't been fixed yet!
  9. Bow and Arrow doesn't disappear while pulling up subscreen [b976]
  10. Pallete Errors.
  11. [982] Bomb Flash + Death = Odd Palette
  12. 3/4 walkable tile issues [b984]
  13. Leever Movement
  14. (repost) Statues fire on you even when in safe zone
  15. An NES Inconsistency with grave combos
  16. A handful of NES inconsistencies
  17. Boomerang Spamming
  18. Something about Manhandlas...
  19. Good glitch
  20. Blowing the whistle in the 2nd quest with the triforce
  21. Music keeps going when the game is paused
  22. When You Have the Clock