Today we will be creating a cave like the one at the beginning of Zelda 1 for the NES, except the guy doesn't give Link a sword.

  1. File->New
  2. Quest->Strings
  3. Click 'Add New Here' in the Edit Message Strings window
  4. Type "It's dangerous to go alone" in the text box immediately below the String tab
  5. Click 'OK' in the String Editor window
  6. Click 'Done' in the Edit Message Strings window
  7. Place a Cave (Walk Down) [A] combo somewhere near the middle of the canvas (combo #36)
  8. Place a Warp Return Square A one square south of the cave walk down combo
  9. Screen->Room Data
  10. Set 'Message' dropdown to "It's dangerous to go alone"
  11. Click the square black image to the right of Guy Tile and double-click tile #84
  12. Set 'Guy ID' to Abei
  13. Click 'OK' in Room Type window
  14. Quest->Test; Save Quest As (.qst); click 'Test'
  15. Now walk into the cave!