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Thread: Hai \0~0/ Am Back

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    Smile Hai \0~0/ Am Back

    Hai \0~0/ I Am Back, I'm still working very-very hard on my game - Mystical Harps Zelda soon to become an ARG


    I am proceeding much further development.

    I have many many new things to show people, even though i had have been having a very hard time emotionally
    with extreme depression starting back from Oct 2022, and at the start of 2023.

    I am going to continue the development of Mystical Harps to the very end.
    I am also now inspired to create somewhat of an ARG with the game.*

    I created an account on GameJolt for Mystical Harps when it finally fully proceeds down that route.

    Yes it is a Zelda fan game and yes, it uses very few 'Zelda-like characteristics', but it is supposed to heavily modified almost everywhere.

    I can always go the Indie side later, since that seems to be everyone's only interest. To make a version of the game with 'absolutely no Zelda stuff' later on, such as Sprite replacements and what not.

    Also my graphic novel comics are that of my second interest.*


    Here is some of the stuff i have been working on to get an idea. - Latest thing.*

    This is only a very small example of what is currently being worked on, including a soon to be added Laser-Tag Arena Game.
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    We're glad you are back SkyLizardGirl. :)

    This quest is very niche, but it's one of the most creative ZC quests I've seen. Of course I just happen to like both of those things!
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