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Thread: Announcement Regarding the Status of Zelda Classic Development

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    Announcement Regarding the Status of Zelda Classic Development

    On September the 13th, 2023, three developers and members of purezc, Connor Clark, Emily, and Deedee, perpetrated an act so brazen as to possibly be considered the worst offense in the history of Zelda Classic. These three have willfully and of their own volition betrayed the trust of Armageddon Games, ZC developers, and the entire Zelda Classic community when they executed a removal and deletion of the master codebase on github used for development of the ZQuest and Zelda Classic programs. This codebase is now located in a private repository where there is no access by anyone. In short, they stole the property of Armageddon Games and conspired to retain it for themselves for personal interests. There are really not many words I can use to express this betrayal of trust placed in them.

    The investigation into this matter and into events which may of preceded it of the last two years is still ongoing, so I will not speculate as to motives as of yet; except to say that the differences between forking, cloning, or mirroring a repository from what they have done is that all past forks, subscribers, links, etc. now point to their own private organization rather than that of Armageddon Games, and the simple facts regarding the byproducts of this move allude to a motive which requires, at least in part, the appropriation of the userbase as well. I will remind everyone that ZC is not a personal project and that developers should not be making modifications to the core program for selfish reasons.

    Therefore Connor Clark, Venrob aka Emily, and Dimentio aka Dimi aka Deedee, are hereby banned for life from all Zelda Classic development, including, but not limited to, access to development forums and to all code repositories used for official ZC development. Because of the nature of this offense, the confession from each of them, their refusal to return what they stole, their contempt to other developers and staff, and other reasons which will not be disclosed here, there is no possibility of appeal at this time.

    Until this situation is resolved development of ZC will remain on hold for the time being. We are also in agreement with many complaints from users of the ZC community that the focus and direction the program has taken recently is not in the best interests of the average user or even the community as a whole. On a personal note, I am very sorry to have to share this bad news with you all; this is not the direction anyone was hoping for when ZC became open source almost nine years ago.
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