Zelda Classic AEternal, v2.55, Alpha 83 (Win32, 106MB)

Changelog for 2.55 on GitHub.

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Major Features and Fixes

  • Added Diagonal Hookshot.
  • Prevent out of memory crash when repeatedly compiling ZScript; and expand max RAM available to the software by 100%.
  • Added more options to Triforce fragments:
    • Added a flag to TF Fragments: Don't Dismiss Messages.
    • Custom refill frame attribute.
    • Cutscene custom duration attribute.
    • The internal cutscene no longer interrupts the action script, unless you set a flag to do that.
    • Added a flag Don't Interrupt Music.

  • Allow passageway and item cellars to use true enemy list.
    • A new DMap flag, Use Enemy List for Cellar Enemies, allows you to set from 0 to 10 custom enemies on screens 0x80 and 0x81 of each map. Every DMap that uses that map for passageways or item cellars can use the enemy list from those screens.

Alpha 83
  • Both ZC Player and ZQ Editor now allow large addressing, and thus the maximum RAM available to them (using Windows) has changed from 1.5GB to 3.5GB.
  • If the zquest.exe RAM use is >= 3GB the compiler will refuse to compile and give a Memory Exhausted error instead of crashing.
    • This leaves a ~500MB buffer before crashing and is polite.
    • We need a Linux implementation for this, too.

  • Added a flag to DMaps: Use Enemy List for Cellar Enemies
    • If enabled, when using item cellar and passageway screens, the normal enemy list for screens 0x80 and 0x81 will determine the enemies spawned (0 to 10) rather than hardcoding precisely four enemies, which if left unspecified (set to None) would spawn keese.
    • This allows cellars and passageways with no enemies, or any normal combination of enemies.
    • Note that this uses the mapscreen from the map used to generate the DMap, and thus will apply to all uses of screens 0x80 and 0x81 used by any dungeon that shares the map. --Fills feature request from user cbailey78

  • Triforce Fragment Options
    • Don't Dismiss Messages
      • If enabled and the cutscene is allowed to run Screen Messages (ZQ Strings) will not be cleared by the cutscene.

    • Custom Refill Frame.
      • If this is > 0, then instead of the hardcoded frame 88, the engine will refill HP/MP on the specified frame of the TF cutscene. This does not apply if the cutscene is disabled.
      • If this is set to a value > Custom Cutscene Duration, it will not occur.
      • Refilling reduces the cutscen frame clock, until it completes, and thus the duration of HP/MP refill adds to the total cutscene duration.

    • The cutscene duration for TF Fragments can now be set to a custom value.
      • The cutscene will play until any of the following conditions are met:
      • The frame count is >= the custom duration (if>0) or 408 frames, otherwise.
      • The cutscene plays a MIDI and the MIDI is playing.
      • The cutscene affects music, music is playing and the music counter is < 800.
      • If the flag 'Don't affect music' is enabled, the music position check is skipped.
      • If the Don't play MIDI flag is enabled, then the MIDI pos check is ignored.

    • The TF Shard cutscene no longer pauses the action script if the Run action script on collection flag is enabled unless the user also enables the new flag: Cutscene Interrupts Action Script.
    • TF Fragments now have a flag Don't affect music.
      • If the user enables this flag then the item will not stop the current music before the cutscene, or resume/play the level music after the cutscene.
      • This allows scripts to better control musical cues for the item.

  • See the file changelog.txt, for more changes, bugfixes, and improvements.