To coincide with the 20th Anniversary, 6th Quest Contest, (Discord Server) we're working on the next maintenance release of Zelda Classic 2.53.1.

If you are interested, you can download the latest contest build here.

The quest that wins the contest will be included in the final build of ZC 2.53.1

Beta 52
  • Hid an Easter Egg for this beta ID.
  • Added Quest->Rules->Pick Ruleset to ZQ menus.
  • Updated classic.zh to v 1.12. The 'ChangeRoomGuy' script now ignores NPC_FIRE
  • <std 1.5013>
    • Added sanity guard on SetLayerCombo/GetLayerCombo functions.
    • These now check to ensure that the layer is configured.

  • Rewrote the MIDI Patch Fix to work properly on modern (Post-XP) Windows.
  • Added Fullsceen confirmation warning, backported from 2.55.
  • Fixed error messages for invald GOTO type instructions.
  • Fixed possible crash on invalid gotos from logging args order.
  • Epilepsy Protection is now set when you launch a NEW INSTALL of ZC, immediately prior to loading the player interface.
    • If the zc.cfg value 'checked_epilepsy' is not present, or is set to '0', then ZC will ask the user if they want this enabled and set this config value so that it is not re-checked:
      • 1. If there is no valid .sav file, then this will appear prior to the .sav file creation dialogue.
      • 2. If a .sav file exists, this will occur prior to the title screen, if the config int 'checked_epilepsy' is not present or is set to 0 in zc.cfg.
      • 3. If 'checked_epilepsy' is in zc.cfg and is set to '1', then this dialogue will not open, and the user's epilepsy protection settings are used as normal.
      • 4. The dialogue defaults to NO.

  • Reduced the amplitude of screen wave effects when epilepsy protection is enabled.
  • Added a ZQE hotkey for '?' that opens the version info display.
  • Added an emulation flag '2.10 Hammer Upward Reach' that extends the vertical reach of the Hammer weapon by four pixels when the player is facing up.
    • This is automatically enabled for 2.10 and earlier quests.

  • Implemented a request from ShadowTiger, whereby when you edit a DMap, and select a map tile, when you go to edit further DMap map tiles within the same session, the DMap editor will remember the last tile that you used.
    • This will clear on loading any quest, but it remains static while working on a quest in memory, updating each time that the user selects a different tile in this editor.

  • Header Guard for the ZScript compiler is now defaulted to off.
  • Added the following configs to ZQuest:
    • PreFillTileEditorPage = (0|1)
      • If set to 1, the page field of the Goto Page dialogue in the Tile Editor will be populated with the current page.
      • If set to 0, the page field of the Goto Page dialogue in the Tile Editor will be populated '0', as was always the case in the past.
      • If unset, the default value for this config is '0'.

    • PreFillComboEditorPage = (0|1)
      • If set to 1, the page field of the Goto Page dialogue in the Combo Page Editor will be populated with the current page, as was always the case in the past..
      • If set to 0, the page field of the Goto Page dialogue in the Combo Page Editor will be populated '0', like the prior behaviour of the Tile Editor's Goto Page function.
      • If unset, the default value for this config is '0'.

    • PreFillMapTilePage = (0|1)
      • Reserved for a feature request regarding the DMap Editor, when setting Map Tile values for DMaps.
      • The desired outcome is that, if set to '1', that the DMap editor will memorise the last used tile page when selecting Map Tiles.
      • The internal ZQE global variable 'DMapEditorLastMaptileUsed' is reserved for this purpose.

  • Don't allow taking ZC GUI snapshot, with menu open, with wonky colours.
    • Use only the the screen colour with shaded effect.

  • ZC GUI snapshot (Shift+F12) uses correct game colours, as long as the menu isn't active.
  • Allow taking a screenshot in ZC that shows the subscreen area when the NOSUBSCREEN flag is enabled, by holding the ALT key when taking the snapshot.
  • Preserve the quest colours when taking a GUI snapshot in ZC Player unless the user holds the CONTROL key when taking the snapshot.
  • Fixed a crash reported by ywkls,that when trying to use the tile grabber on .qst and .qsu files, where the tile grabber would allow the user to scroll outside the bounds of the .qst tile buffer. It is now clamped to MAXTILEROWS.

Beta 51
  • The old water emulation flag is now enabled whenever loading a quest older than 2.50.
  • Added 'Old 2.10 Water' emulation to ZC Player.
    • This is intended as a patch for old 2.10 quests that have very-specific water combo placement where you are expected to use the ladder (while you have the flippers), but the flippers engage.

Beta 50
  • Try to properly initialise directItem and directItemA.

Beta 49
  • Slight changes to the directItem init when loading quests, that now checks if the prior quest was a B+A subscreen type.

Beta 48
  • Fixed a memory leak when compiling scripts and exiting out of the assign scripts dialogue with Cancel.

Beta 47
  • Added sanity guard to inline bool get_item(int id).

For older changes, please see the 2.53.1 Beta 46 thread, and the original thread for 2.53.1 Beta.