I have structured Zelda 1 expansions by group and general release. I have generalized it as DLC:

Release: 1987, Gen 1:

1st Quest

DLC 1, Generally Revealed 1988, though in game, Gen 2:

2nd Quest

DLC 2, Zelda Classic 1.84/1.90, Gen 3:

New Quest
Unofficial 3rd Quest
3rd Quest
BS-Zelda Quest

DLC 3, Zelda Classic 1.92, Gen 4:

James Quest
Demo EX
Armageddon Quest

DLC 4, Zelda Classic 2.10, Gen 5:

4th Quest
Saffith's Quest

DLC 5, Zelda Classic 2.50/2.53, Gen 6:

5th Quest
Demo SP

DLC 6, Zelda Classic 2.55, Gen 7:


If I missed any other hardcore NES style notable experiences note them below with their release date and version.