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Thread: Zelda Classic and other known facts anyone knows?

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    Zelda Classic and other known facts anyone knows?

    An arachnid is an eight legged creature.

    It is true that arachnids are eight legged creatures.

    An Arizona Bark Scorpion is the only discovered arachnid species living in North America that has venom strong enough to cause me non allergic life threatening harm due to its unrestricted first time injecting its venom into me.

    I love Diet Dr. Pepper taste.

    The sentence ''this sentence can never be true'' is actually both true and untrue for obvious reasons.

    I love unsweetened coffee taste.

    @VEL has uploaded at least two great quests.

    I am @MotleyCrueFan

    My name is Jason

    Dogs have no arms.

    I love cashew taste.

    I enjoy Sprite taste.

    I have been using ZC (Zelda Classic) for more than five years.

    Space itself can be moved faster than light speed.

    Cats sleep on average 66 % of their lives.

    In some cases showing 100 % of a copyright owner's work in a public video is fair use.
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    Also preferably means recommendably.

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