Zelda Classic 2.53.0 Release 2 (for Windows)
Includes ZLaunch, 2.6.11.

Before I begin, I apologise to everyone for needing to put out a second release for 2.53.0 so soon, but this should be the end of the road in that regard.

It seems that the core release of 2.53.0 had a fatal bug, where enemies would not drop the correct items from their item sets. This was not caused by any code issue: It was caused by the MSVC compiler corrupting an object file.

In the process of making another release of 2.53.0, I decided to fix a few other, minor issues, including adding a full quest rule for the 2.50.1/2.50.2 bitmap offset issue, so that Ben can patch Quest 744. Here is the changelog for 2.53.0 Release 2 (build ID 33):

Changes Over Release 1
//Release 2
Removed invisible widgets carried over to the 2.50 interface from
	small mode that allow toggling the cset and layer.
	( ZoriaRPG, 17th April, 2019 )
Fixed the return values of lweapon->Jump, eweapon->Jump, npc->Jump
	and item->Jump.
Updated build ID to 33.
	( ZoriaRPG, 16th April, 2019 )

Fixed the easter egg for Lut in 1st/2nd.
	( ZoriaRPG, 9th April, 2019 )
Re-included Bombchu QR, but this time, as a Compatibility rule.
	It is enabled by default for 2.50.1 or earlier quests. 
Disabled the console by default.
Removed Bombchu QR, because it is not needed.
	The user can set the bombchu explosion type in the enemy editor.
	It's the 'Weapon' field. 
	( ZoriaRPG, 8th April, 2019 )
Because of Quest 744...
Added a quest rule to Compatibility Rules for pre-2.50.2
DrawBitmap() offsets behaviour, and patched quest loader to most-appropriately
auto-set this bit.
	( ZoriaRPG, 5th April, 2019 )
Full Changelog | [Source Code] 2.53.0 (Release 2) Github Branch

My sincerest thanks and appreciation go out to all of the contributors, to all of the testers, and to all those who helped make this happen!