Developer-based support for using 2.50.2 officially ends on 30th April, 2019.

This only affects the Windows platform at this time.

The reason for this, is that 2.53.0 fixes numerous bugs and glitches that span the 2.50.x family, and continuing to accept bug requests, or to support multiple versions is unsustainable. It is simply not feasible to maintain support for three, outdated builds, when a new, panacea build, now exists in release.

Developer-support of 2.53.0 is through April, 2023, as part of a long-term-support package.

Support for Linux and OSX builds of 2.50.x will continue until 2.53 is available for those platforms.

If you encounter an issue on 2.50.x, you should determine if 2.53.0 has the same issue, prior to reporting it. All 2.50.0, 2.50.1, and 2.50.2 quests should be fully-playable, as the author intended, usingb2.53.0.

The Win32 version of ZC 2.50.2 on has been archived in the historic downloads area.

If you require assistance migrating to the new build, we will of course help you with that.