Zelda Classic 2.53.0 Gamma (RC) 7 for Windows
Includes ZLaunch, 2.6.11, fixing the inability to save the Skip Logo config setting.

Changes Over Gamma 6

//Gamma 7

Add docs for std_extension.zh as ./Docs/std_extension.txt
Optimise, revamp, correct, and alphabetically sort std_extension.zh.
	( ZoriaRPG, 29th March, 2019 )
Added second row of swim tiles to all Z3 animation styles
	in the default classic tileset blank quest.
std.zh: Optimise std_vars.zh
Updated std.txt to cover all cleanup in std.zh, except for
	std_extension (t/b/a).
Added second row of swim tiles to Z3 animation pages in the classic tileset.
	( ZoriaRPG, 28th March, 2019 )
std.zh: Optimise and Alphabetically Re-sort std_functions.zh
	( ZoriaRPG, 27th March, 2019 )

Added a config line 'logo_volume' to the 'zeldadx' section of zc.cfg to
	set the sound volume of the AGN fire logo.
Update Music.zh, fixing NPC_MIDI and NPC_Music scripts.
Cleaned up std.zh:
	Prune functions and fix AdjacentCombo() in std_extensions.
	Restructure std_update.zh, rename as std_extension.zh, 
		and call by default. 
	Delete std_shortcuts.zh.
Fixed the screen info for 'Layer Used By' not updating properly
	when changing maps.
	( ZoriaRPG, 26th March, 2019 )

Added a QR that causes bombchu explosions on contact with Link
	to be superbomb sized. This used the absolute last, unused rule bit for 2.53.
Allow Setting Doors on Mapscreens > 0x82
Fixed the state of 'save' not being set when deleting a favourite
	combo using the contextual menu.
	( ZoriaRPG, 24th March, 2019 )

Fixed illegal esc char in menu listing. 
Fixed copyright year on game ending.
	( ZoriaRPG, 19th March, 2019 )

Fixed cheat hotkey (listed in menu) for Kill All Enemies.
The actual Key is K, but I had T in there.
	( ZoriaRPG, 17th March, 2019 )
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