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Thread: Zelda Classic 2.53 Gamma (RC) 6 for Windows

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    Zelda Classic 2.53 Gamma (RC) 6 for Windows

    Zelda Classic 2.53.0 Gamma (RC) 6 for Windows
    Includes ZLaunch, 2.6.11, fixing the inability to save the Skip Logo config setting.

    Changes Over Gamma 4

    //Gamma 6
    Don't allow infinite max bombs in 1.84 quests. 
    	Max bombs now set to 8 in zelda.cpp, on `firstplay`. 
    	( ZoriaRPG, 17th March 2019 )
    Moved the ffscript debug namespace into ffscript.cpp.
    Added hotkeys for the following Lv4 Cheats
    	Kill All Enemies (K)
    	Show Overhead (O)
    	Show Push Blocks (P)
    	Show Hitboxes (C; for Collision)
    	Show FFScript Names (F)
    Fixed Crash When Removing Cane of Byrna By Script
    	( ZoriaRPG, 16th March, 2019 ) 
    It seems that 1.84 quests do not start with a bomb bag, but
    	they should, as the item did not exist in those old versions; and thus,
    	the player cannot pick up bombs in quests made using them.
    Added another fix to 8-way shots.
    	( ZoriaRPG, 12th March, 2019 )
    //Gamma 5
    Updated all default active subscreens in qst.dat, with the new items. 
    Added the following item scripts to Classic.zh, and items
    	to the default quest in qst.dat:
    	MagicBossKey: Acts like the Magical Key, for Boss Locks.
    		Set to item ID: 146
    	MagicalMap: Gives the player the dungeon map to every dungeon.
    		Set to item ID: 147
    	Magical Compass: Gives the player the compass item to every dungeon.
    		Set to item ID: 148
    Renamed all system-wide screenshot files as follows:
    	( ZoriaRPG, 6th March, 2019 )
    The Export ZScript now uses the .zs extension by default (no ZLIB conflicts).
    ZCL version is now 2.6.12:
    	Fixed default pane of the ZQuest tab in ZCL.
    	Removed duplicate 'Misaligns' option box in ZCL.
    Cleaned all intermediates, all project files, and all CMake files.
    	Built clean.
    Changed l_down sprites on 8-way enemy shots to face down.
    	( ZoriaRPG, 5th March, 2019 )
    Full Changelog
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