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Thread: Was Midways The Gird the 1st hero shooter?

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    Was Midways The Gird the 1st hero shooter?

    So recently me and some buddies managed to find a big Grid setup in a local arcade and started playing. Interesting game its an Arena shooter but for the arcades loads of fun. However the thing that caught me eye where the characters you were able to pick each character had their own special ability. For instance one was a super kick that stuned people, another had a super sprint, and the thing that caught me eye was one character had a super slam move that killed people in its radius (For you Black ops 4 players out there remind you of someone? Nox VidMate Mobdro

    Albeit this game came out a weird time and was kinda strange an arena shooter in an arcade when Quake 3 was still doing strong. Just wanted to mention the "hero shooter" mechanics it had all the way back in 2001 and found out not even the most hipster of FPS fans wrote about this game.
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