Zelda Classic 2.55.0 Alpha 14 for Windows (57MB)
Includes ZLaunch, 2.6.12removing an extraneous option, and fixing the default ZQuest options tab.
Changelog for 2.55 on GitHub.

  1. Brings 2.55 In-Line with ALL 2.53 Fixes
    • See the changelog, or see the 2.53 change history for an extensive list of these changes.

  2. Add and integrate Classic.zh, and all new Classic Tileset Features
  3. Add demo and default npc and eweapon scripts, converting Daira Ghost script to npc.
    • Added daira npc script, bobomb npc script, and daira_axe eweapon script.

  4. This build fixes a number of issues with the ZScript parser/compiler.
  5. Reduced ZIP package size, and overhead to minimal size.
    • New ZIP file, so that we do not have compression fragmentation faults.

  6. Cleaned up modules organisation.
    • Modules are now in a ./modules path, with each module and its files in a sub-path.

  7. Merged 2.53 fixes and improvements to std.zh into 2.55.
  8. Added some additional items to the Classic Tileset:
    • Magical Boss Key, Magical Compass, Magical Map (all scripted).

  9. Fixed conflicts in ghost.zh header (included).

It does not fix other known issues, nor does it synchronise with the improvements made to 2.53 in Gamma; but we will close those gaps next.

Parser/Compiler Fixes and Improvements

1. You can now declare any type as constant.
  • Previously, only int, and float were legal.

2. Enumerated Lists
  • You can declare a C-Style enum, such as enum { A, B, C = 10, D, E = 20, F, G };

3. Prevent Crash Assigning to Constant from Function
  • This is now illegal, unless the constant is itself, inside the scope of a function itself.