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    @Gleeok :

    I changed this to build < 24, because 2.50.0 quests where this rule was intentionally turned off, now have it turned on.

    Was the actual behaviour of what this bit does, inverted, or otherwise changed, and if so, at what point?

    Why are we overriding the quest rules set by the quest author?

    I really need some kind of comprehensive list of actual behavioural changes for this rule; and to look at every fucking RC of 2.50, that ever existed?!

    I can say with surety that if we force it for build < 29, that 2.50.0 quests have it forced on, when the quest was designed with it being off.

    I just tried a 2.50 quest, in 2.50, with the rule both on and off, and on a vertical axis, it did not seem to make any difference. Standing exactly haldway between two tiles, shots passed through Link at all times. In 2.53, with the rule ON, shots hit Link/shield at all times. If I force this on, then 2.50.0 behaviour will absolutely be incorrect.
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