1. Final Fight style life meters (FFC), basically, yellow turning red for 0 to 16 HP, 16 to 32 green, 32 to 64 turquoise, 64 to 128 cyan, 128 to 256 purple, 256 to 512 magenta, and anything over that white. It also displays the enemy name.

2. 10th Enemy Has the Bomb (global scripts). I don't think we need to go terribly overkill with the item table, but if you kill 10 enemies without taking damage, you get 5 Rupees. If you kill the 10th enemy without taking damage, you get a bomb
Could either be script or a 2.55 rule
Reference Source: http://redcandle.us/The_Legend_of_Zelda#Drops, via khananaphone

Both scripts should be available for anyone to use.