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Thread: My Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

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    My Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

    Here's my review on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. (for everyone's information, I do not have Switch online and I have beaten World of Light on Normal)

    Graphics: 9/10. Maybe not God of War Remake level, but certainly the best Smash has ever seen. The game is clean in its presentation and flows well. I can't fault it. Everybody looks the way they're supposed to.

    Sound: 10/10. 900 tracks? Able to turn music off? Everybody should be pleased.

    Difficulty: X-Rank!!!!!!!! This is BY FAR the biggest problem with Smash Ultimate.

    It's harder than Ninja Gaiden (NES)
    It's harder than Castlevania 3.
    It's harder than Zelda 2.
    It's harder than Call of Duty Veteran Modes
    It's harder than New Quest
    It's harder than soloing Dark Souls 3

    World of Light: Easy Mode is A to A+ rank difficulty, and Normal Mode is S+ rank difficulty!!!!!!!!! ON NORMAL!

    I'm going to be frank here: This was WAY too much for a system selling game to require the equivalent of James Quest in your normal mode. Imagine telling 10M casual players that you have to play James Quest as mandatory just to get recognition of beating the game. That's absolutely absurd. I haven't played much Smash recently, but I beat Normal Mode on Melee and Normal Mode on Brawl's story mode. I was dying by the second area, a LOT.

    Normal Mode on NG + went smoother, but still, I had learned most of the mechanics, and did well, and Galeem/Dharon STILL forced me to play a patient, we want you to play this way style. This is ridiculous that you would take away a player's creativity on NORMAL mode!

    Let's put it this way: I've beaten several doozies, several X-Rank trophies in my collection, excessive amounts of S+ and X rank games beaten and 100%'ed, and good enough to play with really good pros in fighting games. This si on another level. This is Ikari Warriors/James Quest 2/Armageddon Quest level, ESPECIALLY on Hard. We can get away with it because we don't charge, but these types of difficulty on a NORMAL mode paid game, is beyond unacceptable and ridiculous.

    Replay Value: Very low if you're a casual player. You'll just get destroyed to the point you throw your controller through the screen. If you "git gud" though, you will enjoy it quite a bit. Depends on who you are.

    Overall Score: 8/10.

    I'm sorry Sakurai. You destroyed possibly the greatest creation with casual players with the absurd difficulty choice. I enjoyed it until I hit Galeem/Dharkon in Normal, but most won't.

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    World of Light is easy though.

    Edit: if you need clarification I can give you some.
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    The only roadblock I've had in WoL is that one battle against Sonic with the Rayman spirit. That and almost any Legendary ranked spirit against Little Mac in a Stamina Battle. Also, I remember hearing that Nintendo looked at vids of pro players from the previous games and used that as the AI for the cpu controlled characters. I can't confirm it really, but it certainly feels like it at times. The only other reason I haven't finished WoL myself is because I've been letting myself get distracted by Stardew Valley and Subnautica. And hanging with my FC in FFXIV.
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