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Thread: Zelda Downfall Closed Alpha 3 Results and stunning news

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    Zelda Downfall Closed Alpha 3 Results and stunning news

    Well, the reports on Closed Alpha 3 are in.

    While the death counts aren't outrageous so far by 2 of them, there is a concern coming in. Level 7 is still yet to be played, and my testers are currently running out of bombs consistently. Considering the high amount of summoners, powered enemies, and other things to come, this is a major, major concern as this will end up with James Quest and company as one of the hardest quests in the database, AGAIN, without Kaizo Mode.

    So in response:

    I will be totally rewarking the bomb count concept in Downfall.

    1. You will now start off with 10 Bombs, and bomb drops give 5 instead of 4.
    2. Bomb Pay Upgrades will be dropped and replaced by Bomb Bags that increase bomb counts by +10.
    3. To compensate for these new buffs, Super Bombs will be nerfed. You only get one per 7 Bombs now instead of one per four, so you can't blow through rooms effortlessly. They still cost 68 Rupees.

    What was Closed Alpha 3 will become Open Alpha 1, and people will be able to try it out for themselves.

    Have a major Downfall for a Merry Christmas. Enjoy people.

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