@Gleeok @Grayswandir @venrob

I started to code in the following script types:

npc script
lweapon script
eweapon script
screen script
link script --why didn't I do this as PLAYER script?!
dmap script

Of these, npc, lweapon, eweapon, and dmap all have a 'this'.

I also added a QR to permit item scripts to run for more than one frame. This is now working, as of 2.55 Alpha 2.

If the QR is enabled, then item scripts run until they run out of scope. You can find it under Quest->Rules->Scripts

In the process of retooling this stuff, I expanded script registers from 256, to 1024. I might at some point see if I can make global--and only global--vars go higher. I don't want to try converting stacks from fixed-sized arrays, to vectors, because that'll be a nightmare with script-changes mid-stream.

Sprites now have stacks, and for similar reasons, I don't want to delete them when they aren't in use, because if the user assigns a script externally, that'll break.

(I do need to delete script stacks from particles, and engine phantom weapons.)

This is the current WIP repo.

The working/tested bits are in brancg 2.55.