The old downloads path has been moved to a cold storage array, and we have a new SSD-based drive array on the server.

I'm keeping all of the old files live (they will remain precisely where they were), but all new downloads are going to be at a slightly different path.

In the process, I'm reorganising the structure of the downloads directories, splitting uop 2.53, and 2.55, and adding sub-paths for modules, tools, and other expansions.

Downloads Paths

Omnius (2.53): Builds, and releases of ZC Omnius (2.53). There are sub-paths for releases by date, or by Beta ID.

Necromancer (2.55): Builds, and releases of ZC Necromancer (2.55). There are sub-paths for releases by date, or by Beta ID; as well as paths for Modules, and tools.

Necromancer Modules: Modules for Necromancer (2.55). The files for each module are in their own path.

Module Tools: Tools for Module construction.

Test Quests: Test quest files both for Omnius, and for Nectromancer, split into sub-directories by version.

I hope this this improves navigation for all of you.

@War Lord : We still need to get some of this up on, and I need to be able to update it regularly.