This thread will be for the most controversial things that have came up in Zelda Classic mechanically-wise that we need for options and their explanation why:

1. Half-tile trick: This has been on and off in all versions, and Gleeok personally hates this. But this exists in the NES and it needs to be preserved in all versions. Probably the best way to handle this is to make it a playing rule that it works all the time or it doesn't. It needs to go beyond a quest rule because many old quests might want to have this to be accurate or improve skill, but don't have the option since they're not in the project anymore or can't access the old quests.

2. True 1.92/2.10 Windrobes: It was recently discovered that Windrobes were random in 1.92/2.10. It has caused a lot of people to be upset, and some people don't want it changed back. Maybe a selectable option across all modes would fix this?

Keep this list going.