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Thread: Icons can be corrupted and crash ZC

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    Icons can be corrupted and crash ZC

    Reporting on behalf of TheTrueMarioMaster at PureZC.

    Somehow, it's possible for saving the game to create a corrupted icon that will crash ZC when viewed. Try looking at slots 7-9 in this save file:

    My source files are out of date, but here's the stack trace I get:
    Thread 1 "zelda-l-debug" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    create_rgb_table (table=0x87e69c0 <rgb_table>, pal=0x880ea80 <RAMpal>, 
        callback=0x0) at ./src/color.c:570
    570	./src/color.c: No such file or directory.
    (gdb) bt
    #0  create_rgb_table (table=0x87e69c0 <rgb_table>, pal=0x880ea80 <RAMpal>, 
        callback=0x0) at ./src/color.c:570
    #1  0x081a8c81 in updatescr (allowwavy=true) at src/zc_sys.cpp:3388
    #2  0x081ab7bc in advanceframe (allowwavy=true, sfxcleanup=true)
        at src/zc_sys.cpp:4337
    #3  0x0818cbd4 in select_game () at src/title.cpp:3050
    #4  0x0818d11f in titlescreen (lsave=0) at src/title.cpp:3254
    #5  0x081c0529 in main (argc=4, argv=0xffffd664) at src/zelda.cpp:3563
    The quest with the bad icon is Vargen's First Quest. There's something odd about it that's probably relevant. If I look at it in 2.10, all its icons are set to tile 0. If I look in 2.50, icons 1-3 are tile 0, and icon 4 is tile 31276.
    Edit: Actually, that may just be because the quest predates the gold ring. Not sure when that was added.
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