Not sure what you mean by review bombing @Gleeok . I legit played the quest, and I thought it was hot garbage. Apparently disliking one """type B""" quest (tbh it's neither really type A nor B) means you dislike all of them. This conflict is starting to bore me anyways, since Anarchy's going to keep on acting like a child like he did by ratings bombing my quests, and ratings bombing videos on our collab channel, while trying to ignore/outright remove criticism by deleting ratings/reviews off his quest. Anything he does is going to be predictable, and I already made the post calling him out, and everyone who hated him has already chimed in at this point because of it.

The only good thing that's come out of this (besides the funny temper tantrums Anarchy keeps throwing) is the fact that General Bitching was revived, and thus showing that AGN is only active when you're allowed to bitch about shit publically.