Here are two packages, containing the first public Beta of Zelda Classic Launcher (ZLaunch, or ZCL) for MacOS X.

These betas are designed to work with ZC 2.50.2 for OSX.

Complete Package, with Zelda Classic and ZQuest

ZCL Standalone

Mac Users
Please try this and let me know if you run into any problems.

NOTICE: Please test this on a copy of your ZC and ZQuest app packages! This is still a beta, and I would not want anything to alter your base settings. The main ZC and ZQ app packages must have the names that are used in the ZIP package here; or the main download on

ZCL must be in the same directory as Zelda and ZQuest

ZCL accesses the .cfg files inside the app bundles for ZC and ZQ. Be sure to make a backup of ZC and ZQuest before you use this on any primary installation of ZC for OSX.

Dev Notes

FWIW, I can see why Sean never ported this. Being able to run it on actual hardware aside, working out Mac pathing issues from the .app contents is a true joy.

This is how it works:
sZQ: string = '../../../ZQuest'; 
sZQExe: string = '../../../ZQuest Editor'; 
sAppPath: string  =  Application.Location;  
sAGcfg: string := '/../../../ag.cfg';

if not fileexists(  sAppPath2 + sAGcfg) then  
    memo1.Lines.SaveToFile( sAppPath2 + sAGcfg );

agcfg := Tinifile.Create(sAppPath2 + sAGcfg);    

if fileexists(sAppPath2 + sZQ) then
        label23.Visible := True;
        speedbutton2.Enabled := False;

process2.CommandLine := '"' + sAppPath2 + sZQexe + '"' + ' ' + zqsound;
You need to go up a few levels to exit the 'app' container, and to access config files inside other containers, you enter them. Trying to do ./pathname will put you on the user's home directory as ~/.