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Thread: My Shameless self playthough of Zelda 3: The Return of Gannon

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    Quote Originally Posted by James24 View Post
    Careful Dimentio, you are starting to sound more and more like a type A player with your focus on graphics. To be honest, it would make very little difference to me if Armageddon used the original NES tileset. And if OUCH! had gone for a very small overworld with almost no exploration needed that would be fine with me too. Only type A players are affected by things like that and if you're not going to try and woo them over then why bother? You know how much quest-making time it saves by having just a small overworld like LoH:IE??
    No, don't get m wrong, I love the classic tileset when it's used well. The classic tile has a charm when used in modern-day quests that just brings a certain giddiness to me.

    The problem is this quest is calling itself Zelda 3, yet makes 0 improvements over it's two predecessors. There are romhacks and even quests out here more fitting of the title of "Zelda 3 if LttP isn't Zelda 3". Link and Zelda, for example, while it is incredibly easy, felt more like Zelda 3 than whatever this... abomination is. This quest has everything a terrible quest needs: random pseudokaizo enemy placement (pseudokaizo, because Kaizo implies clever enemy placement for difficulty, this just spams everything + the kitchen sink). Zelda 1 and 2 weren't kaizo. They were unforgiving, yes, but once you figured them out they weren't unfair. This quest just feels like the creator played Zelda 2 and sucked at it, and decided "since Nintendo made a bullshit game, I'mma make one too!" (protip: they made a wonderful but underappreciated game).

    Unrelated James, but you're a fan of the first Zelda and it's difficulty, yes? You should try out a collab 1st quest remake I'm making with FireSeraphim called Hyrule Fantasy. It tries to follow the spirit of Zelda 1's difficulty and can be pretty brutal, *especially* once you reach the infamous level 6 >: D
    You can find a beta containing the first 6 dungeons on Pure in the 2017 expo if you wish to try it.
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