No clue how to fix this, obviously, but I've gathered as much information on this as possible.

Basically, I have a section where I have combos are cycling to other combos, which is itself very unreliable, but the bug is where
an animating combo isn't keeping the same tile it's been assigned.

What is happening is any combo past combo ID 1684 is glitched.
So when you open the combo editor, animation pauses. When this happens, these glitched combos reset the count of what animation frame it's at, but changing the animation.
Therefore, what happens is, say you have a combo animating between 10 frames. You edit a combo while it's on it's 6th frame of animation in the editor. The editor then treats it's 6th frame as it's 1st frame, so it animates frames 6-10, and then an extra five frames past it's 10th frame, then it resets back to frame 6.
Obviously this breaks everything, as very quickly you can have combos animating nowhere near the correct tiles.

Now, a few more things to mention about this bug.
1) This only happens if the checkbox "Refresh animation on room entry" is checked
2) If you disable animation in the editor, then the bug will not happen, HOWEVER see point 3
3) If animation is disabled in the editor, then "Refresh animation on room entry" will not work regardless of if the checkbox is checked or not.

Now, I need this bug to not happen, but I also need to refresh the animation on room entry.
What irritates me is that it used to work, and I have half of this section I'm making working perfectly fine, but past a certain combo ID, the combo's don't work. And it's every single combo that doesn't work past this ID. I've tried closing and reopening the program, inserting/removing combos, but nothing works.

Any help would be appreciated.