I spent three days assembling this:

Zelda Classic Historical version Release Sources Branch

List of Releases with ZIP Archives of Each

This covers the following ZC Builds:

  • 1.00
  • 1.50
  • 2.10.0
  • 2.10.1
  • 2.10.2
  • 2.10.3
  • 2.50.0 (RC1, RC2, RC3,. RC4. RC5. Final)
  • 2.50.1 (RC1 [b1608], RC1 [b1628], RC2, RC3, Final)
  • 2.50.2 (Final)
  • 2.50.3 (RC1, Abandoned)

This archive is solely for reference purposes, has no support from the development team, and is not officially provided by AGN. I have it exclusively on my fork, to provide a layer of abstraction should that ever be needed.

There were many instances where it was critical to look back on older source and see what changed when applying compatibility fixes, so this may be of use to some of you who need to know precisely how the source changed, over time.

If @War Lord ever finds code covering 1.60 through 1.93, and supplies it to me, I will re-master the repo with any versions that become available.

Note that this does not cover every extant build of 2.50, nor does it cover any of the 2.11 betas--I may make a special repo for 2.11). There are over 1800 builds of ZC 2.50.x, and I am not willing to ad each (individually) to this repo.

It covers every major release, and Gamma release from 2.10 onward, which should be sufficient for most compatibility issues that may arise, as there is no reason to supply individual beta builds, as beta build (or other minor build) compatibility is not assured in 2.50.x, or 2.53 (+).

Please review the ZC Changelog, and compare the build IDs for each release, if you want to see what changes were applied to them. One of these was somewhat difficult to narrow to a specific build (2.50.1RC1), so I provided two tags for that version, supplying the build ID in the tag for the latter of the two.

Note also that 2.50.x and 2.53 (+) do not support 1.00 or 1.50 quests. These source packages are in the repo, primarily for historical reasons; and also because they are the closest builds available to shed light on the mechanics of early ZC versions, such as 1.84.