@DarkDragon , @Gleeok , @Saffith

I finally procured a Mac to use. It is an Early 2008 Mac Pro (details).

At present, it has no HDD, and the video card in it cannot be used with 10.6, so i will be ordering a video card for it (factory type), and a SATA drive, then installing 10.6.

It is on this system that I intend to do Mac builds.

The first hurdle, will be in building Allegro, then our other libs, then ZC itself.

@Saffith : Should I use code::blocks, or something else? Please remind me what you used, as I would like to minimise dependency compiling. I would like to compile Allegro in whatever compiler I use for the other libs that we already have, if possible; but I may need to compile all of them from scratch.

I also plan to port ZCL to OSX--Lazarus exists for OSX--and to add some Mac-specific config options.

I'm not sure how painful the process will be, but at least I have a start on the HW.

Last, I will be buying that software that I mentioned months ago, to package ZC as an 'installer' for Mavericks and above.