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Thread: Shutters not working properly

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    Shutters not working properly

    Ok I am running into a problem. I followed all instructions on the tutorial of the ZC. However I am having problems having the one-way shutters not working for me.

    I checked that My level is 1, The type is NES Dungeon.

    What it is doing the shutter door wont open when all enemies are killed. I tried doing a push block and you hear the secret chime when pushed but the shutter won't open.

    Is there anything I am missing or am I setting up things wrong?

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    One-way shutter means that Link can only enter through one side, ie.; The other side, or simpler: It cannot be opened from this side. It sounds like you want a shutter in that room and a 1-way shutter on the other connected room.
    Hope that helps.
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