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Thread: GBC Ice Golem (Request)

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    GBC Ice Golem (Request)

    Sup everyone. i'm Sans. Sans the skeleton. I have a little request for a boss for a custom quest i works since 1 years.
    So let start.

    Boss: Ice Golem
    The boss will create a quake on the room that cause ice rocks and bulders falls at the ground and then separate at 4 to 8 rocks depended if it's rocks or bulders.
    After that the boss going fall at the ground and here's start his functions.

    His movement is slow but he'll become faster when he'll take enough damages or if he chasse Link, grab him and throw him in walls cause him damage in impact.
    first attack in the first phase is the 4 lasers (i have Laser.zh)that froze Link and damage him from 1 heart each 2 secs.
    His second attack is spawn ice blocks and throw them to Link. easy to dodges but they explode in impact cause him important damage.
    His another attack is jump high on the floor and Link must cheek the shadow to dodge him before he crush Link (making 3 hearts damages)
    His final attack is the golem wait a moment and then he'll smash the ground making rocks, Ice Spikes and bulders falls from the floor. Link must dodge the Ice Spikes or he'll be trap for some seconds before he can move again.

    His death animation is explosion.

    The Ice Golem cannot be attacked yet. First he'll spawn ice shields. Only the hammer can break the shield for awhile before he'll create the new ice shield.

    He is only vulnerable if Link destroy the ice shield and can be hit by the sword or more effective by the hammer.

    Here i'm done. (i used GBC tiles for my quest.)

    If possible i do like to have a exemple quest that always helps me to understands certains functions or setting.
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