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Thread: Zelda Classic 2.53.0 ( Beta 10 )

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    Zelda Classic 2.53.0 ( Beta 10 )

    Here is Zelda Classic 2.53.0 Beta 10 for Windows

    Updated 2nd October, 2017 at 16:22GMT with --fixdrawint --fixgamecombo

    Here is ZC 2.53, Beta 10, which fixes the following, over the last major beta build:
    • Doors on dungeon maps when using diagonal movement, nor operate more smoothly.
      • This includes some slight adjustments to ensure that if the left and right doors have a solid obstacle in front of them, that Link cannot open them around the obstacle.

    • Fixes the issues with Link in water, flying through land tiles when he is hit by his own weapons.

    • Adds additional filetyles to the Import Script dialogue (.zh, .zs, .zlib, .zscript), in addition to the extant .z extension.
      • This will make it easier to use the import dialogue for header files, and other filetypes.
      • Note: We purposely avoided showing files with an extension of .txt, as to avoid making the use of .txt for a ZScript filetype some kind of absurd, and lazy standard.

    • The use of .zs, .zlib, and .zscript, are to aid in the filetype conflict for .z, which is used for ZLIB Archive files on *nix systems.

    • Fixes an issue where scrolling warps with different DMap IDs for source->dest, do not show a map that Link does not have; and that ZC does not show an incorrect map, on the passive subscreen.

    • Fixes compatibility issues with wizzrobe and other floating/flying enemies spawning on solid combos (when they should not), or flying through walls.

    • It also adds a warning dialogue when you open the ZConsole via the menus:

    See the Changelog below for more information. As before, the Build ID for this release is '31', to distinguish between 2.50.3RC1 (Build ID '30') and earlier ZC releases.

    This thread replaces the previous Beta thread for 2.53.0.

    We would appreciate bug reports on any of the following:
    • Playing quests made in 1.92, 2.10, 2.50.x and reporting any compatibility bugs.
    • Verification that scripts made in 2.50.0, 2.50.1, 2.50.2, and 2.50.3RC1 still work.
    • Testing that scripts compiled in 2.53.0 work properly in 2.53.0.
    • Tests that scripted quests compiled and saved in 2.53.0 work proper;y on 2.50.2 (and/or 2.50.3RC1).
    • Bug reports on any changes, or new features.
    • Bug reports on joystick configuration.

    Please note: The std.zh files in this package may not represent what will be included in the final release. It is likely that the std.zh changes will be pushed forward to 2.54 or later, and not included; but they will be available as a separate download. The latest versions of all common ZScript headers will be included in the final release.

    This release is built on the Allegro library, version 4.4.3, with some special fixes applies, and it includes new Allegro library files.

    Zelda Classic and ZQuest v.2.53.0 API Specification (PDF, Rev. 1.2)

    ZLaunch Repository on GitHub

    Zelda Classic Changelog for v.2.53.0 Beta 10
    Spoiler: show

    ChangeLog for 2.53.0 Beta 10

    Reverted all of the Game->SetCombo* and Game->GetCombo* functions to their 2.50.2 states.
    The revised (2.50.3) functions broke quests using these functions in a way that cannot be resolved
    within the scope of the 2.50.x branch of Zelda Classic. ( ZoriaRPG, 2nd Oct, 2017 )

    Fixed DrawInteger() displaying a value that was off by one when sprinting with no decimal places. ( ZoriaRPG, 2nd October, 2017 )

    Fixed the array sizes of Game->LKeys[] and Game->LItems[] (256 to 512), and constrained the values on setting them so that they do not overflow (roll over). ( ZoriaRPG, 2nd October, 2017 )

    Added a warning when opening the debug console. ( ZoriaRPG, 1st Oct, 2017 )

    Removed an extra constant declaration in std_functions.zh.
    Changed the 'Import Script]' file selection dialogue. It now shows files with types of .zh, .zs, .zlib,
    .zscript, and a few other minor typed used by the userbase, rather than solely showing '.z' files. ( ZoriaRPG, 24th September, 2017 )

    Refactored the sanity checks for Game->Get/SetCombo* (except for SetComboSolid). These functions will now report
    any invalid refs passed to them (invalid map, screen, position) to allegro.log and abort, or return -1 to the user.
    The prior code either allowed passing an invalid ref, or never informed the user that it was invalid. ( ZoriaRPG, 23rd September, 2017 )

    Modified GetHighestLevelitem() in std.zh, to use a setting in std.cgf: This setting determines the highest item ID
    that GetHighestlevelitem() will check, rather than one version stopping at 143, and another at 255. ( ZoriaRPG, 22nd September, 2017 )

    Added a somewhat hackish fix for dungeon maps displaying when Link does not have them, during scrolling warps. ( ZoriaRPG, 22nd September, 2017 )

    Fixed issue with NPCs behaving as if they were drunk. ( Gleeok, 21st September, 2017 )

    Fixed issues with flying/floating/teleporting NPCS. ( Gleeok, 20th September, 2017 )

    Slightly adjusted left and right doors in 8-way movement. ( ZoriaRPG, 20th September, 2017 )

    Removed std_constants_shortcuts.zh from std.zh.
    Removed extra (unintended) array 'GlobalBuggr[214747] from std.zh.
    Fixed some issues with NPCA_* constants.
    Added NPC Attribute constants for all npc types, and every field with a lister.
    Fixed values for Direction to Degree and Radian conversions in std_functions and std_constants. ( ZoriaRPG )

    Fixed a bug where Link's weapons hurting him, in water, would cause buggy (uncontrolled) movement or land-swimming. ( DarkDragon )

    Fixed NES Dungeon Doors with diagonal movement. ( ZoriaRPG )

    Fixed a crash when using arrow and bow subscreen objects. ( Saffith )

    Updated qst.dat. Now, new quests will autosave, if you have timed save, or quest backup enabled. The error 'This quest
    was created in an older version of ZQuest' will no longer appear on new quests. ZoriaRPG, 1st September, 2017 )

    Applied a fix for numerous packfil_password() related problems.
    Fixed PNG saving in ZQuest. ( ZoriaRPG, 1st September, 2017 )

    Re-added New favourite commands, for Quest Reports (Combo Locations, Combo Type Locations, Enemy Locations, Integrity Check
    Item Locations, Script Locations, and What Links Here) to the Favourite Commands list. (This was in 2.future, but never
    ported to orthodox ZQuest.) ( ZoriaRPG, 1st September, 2017 )

    Fixed file selection dialogues in Zelda Classic. After selecting a quest in the Load Quest dialogue, the default button
    is now 'OK', rather than browse, so hitting the enter key after selecting a file does not put you into a file select loop.
    This was likewise something that I did before, but it was somehow lost in various commits. ( ZoriaRPG, 1st September, 2017 )

    Unfixed buggy wizzrobe compat issue. Proper fix is still pending... ( Gleeok, 28th August, 2017 )

    //Beta 7

    Initial update of ZLaunch, to add a ROMView launch button.
    Fixed a bug where the Tile Editor refused to load image files on the first attempt. ( ZoriaRPG, 27th August 2017 )

    Fixed a crash when loading corrupt 2.50.2 (and earlier) quest data; and recompiling scripts. ( DarkDragon, 25th August, 2017 )

    Fixed crash when viewing Compatibility Quest Rules. ( ZoriaRPG, 20th August, 2017 )

    Fixed a bug where the lens of truth stole the script of the last item used, and ran it every frame. ( ZoriaRPG, 20th August, 2017 )

    New Allegro libraries using Allegro 4.4.3, with some patches.
    Fixed issues with the infinite wallet.
    Fixed Link's attack not being cancelled when he is frozen.
    Fixed the race condition issue with keyboard input in Allegro 4.4.3. ( DarkDragon, 13th August, 2017 )

    Fixed an issue with scrolling between land and water. ( DarkDragon, 11th August, 2017 )

    Fixed an issue where the subscreen did not always update, by checking item validity when changing dmaps. ( DarkDragon, 10th August, 2017 )

    Reverted the quest rule for COMBOSDM. We'll come back to this, later. ( DarkDragon )
    Added compatibility rule for old quests that rely on screen item pick-up disabling hunger, for old quests. ( DarkDragon, 21st July, 2017 )

    //Beta 6
    Added a few functions to std.zh. ( ZoriaRPG, July 2017 )

    Fixed a bug in ZQuest that was corrupting ag.cfg. ( DarkDragon; and ZoriaRPG, July, 2017 )

    Fixed a bug where MIDI files could not be loaded in ZQuest. ( DarkDragon, July 2017 )

    Updated std.zh to 2.50.3 version, plus some rearranging in a std_zh path.
    Updated all included headers to their current versions.
    Pruned some files.
    Unlocked 1st.qst and 2nd.qst. ( ZoriaRPG, 11th July, 2017 )

    Fixed incorrect types for CollDetection and some other boolean return variables in ZScript.
    This includes Link->CollDetection, Link->Invisible, npc->CollDetection, lweapon->CollDetection and
    eweapon->CollisionDetection ( ZoriaRPG, 2nd July, 2017 )

    Seem to have fixed reported bug of ZC crashing if the user shifts focus when assigning joypad buttons.
    In any case, I can not replicate it in this build, and I did change a read_button function that was a bit bonkers. ( ZoriaRPG, 2nd July, 2017 )

    ZC and ZQuest now use Allegro 4.4. (DarkDragon, 2nd July, 2017)

    Fixed 3rd quest with zero deaths not going to 5th quest. ( ZoriaRPG, 20th June, 2017 )

    Reverted COMBOSDM change made by Saffith, as it caused different bugs with older players.
    This is properly fixed in 2.51+. ( ZoriaRPG, 20th June 2017 )

    Fixed long-standing bug where setting Link->Item every frame causes lag. ( ZoriaRPG, May 2017 )

    Fixed lweapon->Behind not working. ( ZoriaRPG, May 2017 )

    Fixed ffc->Link being unable to be cleared, or otherwise set to 0 ( ZoriaRPG, May 2017 )

    Fixed scale args for DrawChar() and DrawInteger(): Both of these now scale per zscript.txt documentation. ( ZoriaRPG, Jan 2017 )

    Zelda Classic Menus: Added Etc->Show Debug Console. This opens the Allegro debug console or closes it if it is open. ( ZoriaRPG, Jan 2017 )

    ZScript Variables in scope are destroyed when their scope exits. ( DarkDragon, Jan 2017 )

    Fixed long-standing keyboard issues with alt+tab, and hopefully) issues with the keyboard losing focus. (DD/Z, Dec 2016-Jan 2017)

    Added a checkbox to disable analog stick movement.
    Changed joystick config dialogues to match keyboard config dialogues.
    Added more joystick options to ag.cfg.
    Small fixes to joystick input.
    Fixed minor issues in key config dialogues. ( Saffith, 18-Dec-2016 )

    Additional fixes with Link exiting water. ( Saffith, 15-Dec-2016 )

    Fixed an invalid read in draw_wavy(). ( Saffith, 14-Dec-2016 )

    Fixed Link's position being offset improperly on continue when quakeclk > 0.
    Ensure overscan rectangle is black while the screen is shaking.
    Fixed an issue with Link exiting water.
    Fixed Stone of Agony sensitivity. ( Saffith, 11-Dec-2016 )

    Fixed an issue where bitmaps may be drawn improperly based on ZQuest version.

    Fixed incorrect screen calculation and possible crash in warp with combos that carry over. ( Saffith, 6-Dec-2016 )

    Global script OnExit now works. In prior versions, this script did not run.

    Fixed a crash when loading a sfx file with more than 35 chars or without any extension. ( Gleeok, 2015-12-30 01:05:05 )

    Fixed negative constants being read incorrectly.
    Fixed incorrect screen calculation and possible crash in Game->SetComboSolid(). ( Saffith, 2015-12-19 19:41:38 )

    Fixed a crash when importing combos. ( Saffith, 2015-11-27 09:30:31 )

    Replaced the built-in MIDIs with versions edited by zaphod77 to sound more like the NES game. ( Saffith, 2015-10-14 10:41:20 )

    ZLaunch Changes v2.6.1

    ROMview Changelog Version 2.6.1

    Added Win32 platform guards to ZCL video driver selection, and bumped version to 2.6.1. ( ZoriaRPG, 29th August, 2017 )

    Added the ability to set the allegro video mode on Windows (fullscreen, and windowed drivers).

    Added 'Drivers' tab. ( ZoriaRPG, 28th August, 2017 )
    Added ROMView launching button to main panel. ( ZoriaRPG, 27th August, 2017 )

    Thank you for testing, and for your feedback!
    Last edited by ZoriaRPG; 10-02-2017 at 11:43 AM. Reason: New Release: Beta 10

    Featured Scripts & Headers: RPG.zh ( v. a0.97.1 ) ( RPG.zh Thread ) | Zelda 3 Thief's Town Treasure Chest Minigame (ffc) | Bobomb (enemy)
    ZScript & ZC-Related Pastebin | Quests and ZScript Repository | ZC Dev & Betas | Latest ZC 2.54 Beta | YouTube Channel
    All of the code that I create and publish here is free for use, modification and distribution under the GPL v2.0, or v3.0 where applicable..

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