sorry... they weren't flying high enough it seemed.

Thanks so much for the detailed answer! I had been going alittle crazy trying to figure out what was happening there and thought it strange nobody else reported the same problem - but I am doing the old NES style dungeons.
Also peahats still hit me on rows under combos with "no flying enemies" leading to my confusion of it being keese specific.

I got the behavior I desired.. But wouldn't people doing freeform dungeons wish not to have those saftey spots from keese under every top wall, I guess they could still do this solution anyway though it just seems (in my uneducated opinion of all things that could be affected) like the keese could be allowed to go up just alittle higher under no flying combos.
However for those who allow going half-tile over the top wall that just might be unavoidable anyway.

Thanks guys!