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Thread: Full Screen ZC Makes Me Sad

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    Unhappy Full Screen ZC Makes Me Sad

    [Edit: before I said my problem occurred in both ZC and ZQ, when in reality, it only happens as described in ZC — there's an entirely different problem in ZQ]

    Hey guys, I guess I haven't posted in... like at least five years or more. Hi.

    So, this thread talks about a bug that plagues me as well. If I run ZC in full screen, it flickers the whole time that the game is running. It's like it's showing the game properly for one frame, and then the next frame it's all blue with some stuff on the left side of the screen.

    Proper frame, and glitch frame, rapidly alternating between the two. (Note that these two frames do not perfectly correspond to one another — I moved Link around a little bit between them, but ZC crashed while I was trying to take screenshots and I didn't feel like launching it again.)

    As you might be able to see from these images, it appears that the glitch frame is actually the data from the proper frame, but kind of squished against the left side of the screen and without proper color palette information. I don't suppose that diagnosis will help at all, but there it is.

    For the record, I'm running 2.50.2, launched from the ZC Launcher with the launcher's Screen Mode set to "Full Screen". I'm running Windows 10 Pro (version 1703, build number 15063.413) on a Retina Macbook Pro, with its NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card, in case any of this matters.

    As an aside, I can't tell you how nice it is to see that ZC is still around after all these years, and in such good hands. Please keep it up!
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