So after the sensation/debacle that was the NES Classic/Mini, the long rumored SNES equilivant has been announced by Nintendo. It will have 21 games (less than the NES Classics' 30), 2 controllers and apparently will be featuring a complete version of the never released (outside of an unfinished rom on the internet) Star Fox 2. They've mentined they are planning to produce more copies than the NES version, but no current plans beyond the end of 2017. The price tag for all of this is $80. (includes list of all 21 games)

Personally, as much as I want this, the scalpers are gonna buy all of the stock and put it on ebay for 3-5 times the original price and we all know it. Sure I might be a bit salty I was never able to get an NES classic for my nephew, but I think I'm just gonna sit this out unless I can find one at my local Wal-Mart (HA! Fat chance of that) or if the pre-orders aren't all taken up by the afore mentioned scalpers within an hour or less.