We're doing it a little different this time... again! Every month we'll do a new RPG, although you have longer than that to finish it. This time Final Fantasy Legend III was the overwhelming favorite this month so we've bypassed the poll.

Final Fantasy Legend III

  • You'll need an account at Retro Achievements to participate. If you're new, post your RA username here and we'll add it to the list.

  • You can use either RetroArch or the individual emulators available at Retro Achievements' site, whichever is easier.

  • Either Hardcore Mode(without savestates) or Normal Mode(with states) is allowed. You get double the points, and bragging rights, with Hardcore Mode. Two awards are available, one for the first person to win Normal Mode, and the first person to win Hardcore Mode.

  • When you get 100% completion, post a screenshot and link to your RA profile for verification.

  • If you stream it, or upload videos to youtube, go ahead and share them here also.

P.S. What's black and white and red all over?