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Ok. So if I understand correctly, the problem is that palette changes that happen while ZC is in the background do not take effect until ZC regains focus?
From what I saw, and his description, when he paused the game by clicking the window (i.e. clicktofreeze), it shifted the palette, and it reverted to normal when he clicked it to resume. This is what Im getting from this, but it does not happen to me.

IDK if it is also doing it when he merely shifts to another window??? He mentioned something about a dual-display, which pretty much says 'higher end video card'. I;ve no idea what GPU he has, but I believe he is using Win10.

I'm thinking that offering a doubleblit video mode, available as a menu option, whether in full screen, or windowed mode, might be our best solution for this. 'Doubleblit: Offers greater compatibility on newer OSes, but may be slower.'