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Thread: ZQuest Editor error when opening!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saffith View Post
    Copying instead of moving might be okay, but it specifically has to be done in Finder. Moving the files with a script will not disable translocation.
    Oh, well, that would indeed pose problems, and I do not have this version of OSX, nor a system new enough to run it at that, to try anything personally. I may be able to rope in one of my mates with video stations, but I'm unsure if he is newer than 10.9, so similar reasons to meself.

    Can't we just to a .dmg that has a softlink to the proper path on the local filesystem, with a 'copy files here' thing that used to be done for copying to ./Applications, or do those no longer work?

    DMG Canvas may be worth a look.

    In any event, AppleScript apparently does work, or did work, albeit for 'who knows' how long.

    Continued gripes on apple...
    Spoiler: show

    This sums out to no more than to put pressure on everyone to use the flipping Apple Store. They truly don;t give a damn about inconveniencing users, or developers, and just want everyone to use their shoppe, where they control what everyone does. Apple founded its modern OS on open source software, and is laying a big fat whopper on the community in the end.

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