Patched after TK8305's Let's Play

4/27/2017: 3.1 Patch Notes:

1. Fixed a location bug on where Lv. 3 of the First Quest used to be (all difficulty levels)
2. Fixed all Moblins so you can burn them now (all difficulty levels)
3. The transistion Like-Like room with traps has been adjusted on all difficulty levels:
a. Normal Mode as enemy locations so they have less chance of eating your shield
b. Easy Mode had the number of Like-Likes reduced from 6 to 4
c. Kaizo Mode had the number of Like-Likes increased from 6 to 8 and no position flags (it's Kaizo Mode, you'd expect this here)
4. The bombable block in Lv. 9 is now visible to avoid confusion (all difficulty levels)

You can download it on or on Pure's QDB.