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This would absolutely be helpful. I have seen so many people that don't even use the other script weapon types to avoid this problem. I did it myself for over a year. I finally had to figure out how to script an NPC to set it's misc modifiers as sort of buffer placeholders just to switch the script weapon defense type in context, and then switch it back to it's default... this makes no sense.

If it is at all possible, it would be a MAJOR improvement to have a third page in the enemy editor of eweapon defenses, for each of the 10 script defenses separately. I think a lot of people would appreciate this, who simply don't come around here much.

That said, if it never works out, I do understand the ZC source is probably a nightmare to work with. There's over 15 years of legacy code to work with, after all. : ( But it'd be really, really cool, and extremely convenient.
I agree with everything aforementioned. One reason is because you might want for one LW_SCRIPT-type weapon to be an instant kill and another to just stun the enemy. This would also make setting up things like elemental damage systems easier.

But the primary reason to expand the enemy editor to me? LW_SCRIPT-type weapons are more easily controlled by scripts than most other types of lweapons. (Which makes sense, given their name.) I've been doing some crazy stuff with lweapons lately, but there are only so many types of them to use. You can't make swords, wands, candles, hammers, the cane of byrna or hookshots with scripts right now; although you can fake it fairly convincingly.

Certain lweapon types, like Bomb, Bombblast, Super Bomb, Super Bombblast and fire resist being controlled by scripts to their dying breaths. Boomerangs, sparkle, fire sparkle and reflected weapons are also a bit finicky. I'm not even sure how whistle whirlwinds behave.

That means we can generated and easily control via script sword beams, arrows, magic and the LW_SCRIPT-type lweapons. So if a user wants to do anything fancy with lweapons, like poison an enemy or move them in odd ways; you basically have to use one of those types.

I know this might be difficult and take a lot of time, but I do think it will be worth the effort in the end.