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Maybe, if I get around to it.

You don't need to set up a subscreen for this. subscreens by default let you toggle linearly through all items. It's custom subscreens that can be a problem for this header. Other than that cycling through items isn't really so much of an issue so far as I can tell. And seems to rarely be visible. If people actually start using it in quests we might get a better idea though. Most people generally just want to have an extra button for a single constant item, from what I've seen.
Eh? Of course you need a subscreen. You can't change the item on A or B to another item without a subscreen, as the 2.50 functions to set Link's equipment make use of the subscreen layout, to page through items until you find the one that you want. Thus, if you want to temporarily substitute an item into B, if you do not have it on the subscreen, or paging through the subscreen in a linear manner would not land upon it, you would not be able to set it.

The default subscreens allow you to cycle through the default items in ZC, if that is what you mean. That is not true, if you add special/new items to a quest. This method is also horrific and slow, as it requires iterating the subscreen objects, and that does quite a lot (internally).