Put in some camera functionality, so I added related stuff for screen- flashing, tinting, shaking, and fading. A neat side-effect of this is now we truly have non-nullable textures. I'm guessing more things will become non-nullable later on as well.

Putting in various map collision stuff. See: http://armageddongames.net/showthrea...801#post909801
Performance is also not an issue. 800 NPCs was just about all that would fit on the map and cost just under 0.03 milliseconds on my old craptop.

It looks like the font, message box, dialog, and UI stuff is approaching. At some point I have to finish that I guess. >_>

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Suggestions/requests for NPCs:

Option to have NPCs treat one another as solid, and halt, turning in a walk pattern, if they try to collide.
Collision between NPC(npc), NPC(object), NPC(player), etc., generates event (e.g. planned encounter, special dialogue, and so forth).
NPCs take action on collision, with similar collision options (e.g. steal from player).

I presume some of these can be handled with scripts, but I don;t know how much you want to force the user to rely on scripts to do these types of effects.
TBH I'm not really sure what I want to put in scripts and what I want to put in data for all the corner cases, so for right now I'm mainly doing the common cases. There's still tons of stuff left to do so this is reasonable I think. It's entirely possible that any out of the ordinary thing would absolutely need a script. The goal is to make general common task scripts very small though; for instance in ZC most scripts have a lot of for loops, we can easily put a lot of that type of stuff in optimized c++ code. Plus if I ever finish I may want c++ as an alternative scripting language, so it works for that too.