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Hey man, cool quest so far. I've always been looking forward to a true "3rd quest" and this one feels about as close as it could get....so far. I just completed level 2, and have 9 total heart containers (found 4 in the over world), have the bow and arrows, blue ring, blue candle, and potion (letter). The hint in level 2 is obviously about the raft, but I did not find a raft anywhere in the level. I'm assuming level 3 is across one of the docks. Before I go trying to burn every tree and blow up every wall in the over world with the blue candle and only 8 bombs looking for the raft, is there any hint you could give me? Is it least IN level 2 somewhere?

Well, my first post in this thread has a spoiler segment that gives a slight hint to its location. If you need a better hint, though...

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You have to push a block onto another block. Go west one room from the "hint" room in level 2, and push one of the corner blocks.