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Thread: 5th Quest Public Judging

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gleeok View Post
    But I'm still playing them!

    Besides Nightmare--who somehow managed to play most of them already--I don't know if there is even a sufficient info pool to be able to eliminate all but three yet. I can probably burn through a few more in a month... Aaaahhh!

    [edit] How many people have beaten more than three 5th quests so far? (Not counting your own)
    I've done 7 of them, and am in dungeon 6 of my eighth.

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    I completed 12 5th quests and got through about half of BigJoe's quest (I got used to the music) when ... I'm not proud to admit, but the Zelda-overload finally got to me and I lost interest in finishing.

    Just got burned out at some point, and a business trip in mid-March took me out of my groove. Never got back.

    Didn't finish Scootaloo's quest (stuck with Level 7). Of the 12 that I finished, I have them in this order:

    1) MischaPetya
    2) BigJoe
    3) HeroOfFire
    4) Nightmare
    5) Chris Miller
    6) CJC
    7) Shoelace
    8) Imzogelmo
    9) QuestWizard88
    10) LoveForFire
    11) Nethis
    12) dcsyxx
    13) peteandwally
    14) zcfan27330
    15) BtjCraft
    16) Travster

    I really want to put CJC's quest higher, but well, you know, 'too much, too soon'. FWIW, my experience with Travster's quest was very different from others; I got to his after he went from 'way too easy' to 'way too hard'. (Frankly, I prefer the 'way too easy'.)

    I may get back into it when the finalists are announced, particularly if some are quests I never started (or finished).

    EDIT: I did complete 4 more (include BigJoe's) since originally posting this. Those last 4 are in bold.

    Never went back to Scootaloo's after he fixed it, and never attempted Sylph's.
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