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    Sick Bug Animated Sword Beams

    In 2.5, it is now possible to have animated sword beams. However, the default sword beam sprites are the same as the default sword stab sprites, so you would have to define separate weapon sprites for sword beams and set animation frames and animation speed for them.

    The only problem is, if you have animated sword beams, then the beam impact sprite would be offset by the number of animation frames plus 1, whereas if the sword beam is not animated, the impact sprite would come right after the L/R beam sprite. So for instance, if you have a sword beam sprite with 4 animation frames, the offset of the beam impact would be 5; or if the beam has 8 animation frames, the offset of the beam impact would be 9. This also applies to enemy sword beams.

    Also, if Link is facing left when he fires a beam from his sword and the beam animated, then the animation frames would be flipped horizontally. The animation frame flipping does not seem to happen with any other direction, however.
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