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Thread: Item Requests - for 1.5 alpha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightwulf View Post
    If I had a chance to see the original SE, I might be able to give better advice. Are all these weapons going to be melee weapons like in ZC, or will the battles be more like the sideview ones from FF4 & FF6?
    The battles take place in real time. Assuming the core engine for SE is based on Playerworlds/Ore/Mirage/etc, there are no side-view battles. You simply face the mob (or NPC if you prefer) and mash the attack key until the thing dies. The weapons I listed would be melee though

    Quote Originally Posted by Lightwulf
    I'm good at spriting, but I still need to know more about SE and how it works, even if just testing an older copy or something. I don't know how similar palette usage is in SE compared to ZC.
    There is not much to really know about SE's workings. Sprites are easy enough once you learn what formats are accepted, the dimensions (16x16, 32x32, etc), and how to set up the image itself (varies between items, weapons, and characters). There are also no palettes in SE. Whatever sprite you create is what everyone would see in the game world. A similar example can be seen in many RPG Maker XP/VX/Ace character sheets. (example, copyrights apply, etc). No colors to rip, just design to your heart's content within the previously discussed limitations and restrictions.

    Looking at the graphics from the previous version of the game, the character sheets are 128x128 (16 32x32 "sprites" for each direction and movement animation frame) bitmap files. The transparent color (which is not rendered by the game engine) is a bright ass pink. If you want further examples, you might be able to still find the old version's download. It even comes with a template file to get you started.

    Edit: Alpha version download is here.
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