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As far as I am aware, you are correct on this one. I seem to recall someone glitching the game to get behind the walls of the Waterfall Cavern, and thereby being able to wrap around the map. It is also very apparent in the Sunken Shrine. Since the dungeons are all probably built in the same way, the Volcano must have enough 'dead wall' space to avoid spotting the wrap-around.
Ah, good to hear. I think part of the problem is a few of my maps are wrong, and they should be max-size of 64x64. I don't think they all need to be 64x64 though as long sa there's sufficient padding for the camera.

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Shouldn't that be an optional thing though rather then forced for every map.
Yep. It is an option property of a map object. It's even changeable by script. "map.wrap = enable";

Next up is to finish groups and actions in battle.(Yep groups like old-school rpgs, I like em.)