I tried to learn how to script in C in order to make my own quest using the tutorials available on the forums but I had no idea what they were saying. They all seemed to require an intermediate lever understanding of coding. I have almost no understanding of scripting. Is there a particular resource that you guys have used or could recommend for someone who does not know C to be able to learn?

I was told that Python was was similar to C but much easier, so I decided to try learning that. I am currently learning some basic stuff for Python and Pygame. Would it be easy to learn C if I learn Python, or would learning a second computer language just mess me up? Would learning Pygame help in any way, or should I just forget that and apply what I've learned from Python to ZC? Is Pygame going to help me with the actual process of making my own quest, or is it too different from it?

Thanks in advance for your help! I hope one day to make a quest so that people can play it. I don't need it to be too fancy, just enjoyable.