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Thread: Welcome to the Submissions Forum

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    Welcome to the Submissions Forum

    Well We have a new way for people to submit their entry's for screenshot of the week.

    How this will work:
    You'll have to post on the latest "[Screenshot of the week ???] Now accepting entry's!" Topic which will be sticky'ed.

    Here's a Example on how to enter. Important Notice: It has to be a Direct Link to your entry.

    -Example Post-

    http// large version of shot)
    Comment here if you want
    No Critique (If you don't want any negative feedback)


    Comment of awesomesauce!
    No Critique

    NOTE: You will not be able to see the post/your submission once you submit it. If you have any questions about your entry contact SotW Staff in PM or SotW Announcements and Discussion topic.

    If you want to change your entry you will have to submit another entry. Unless you contact SotW staff and specify otherwise your latest entry will be accepted.

    Thank you for reading, And I wish you all good luck in the future Contest!
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