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Thread: Problem with 4-way ladder with diagonal movement turned on.

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    Problem with 4-way ladder with diagonal movement turned on.

    I should have mentioned this, but, when diagonal movement is on, there is one minor issue with the 4-way ladder. If Link uses the 4-way ladder on a solid ladder only combo, ladder/hookshot combo, or water combo, and he steps onto the combo from the left or the right, he can step off the ladder in any direction except up, unless he steps onto it at the very top pixels. Yet, if he steps onto the combo from the top or the bottom, he can step off in all 4 directions.

    PS: Yes, I must admit, although I use diagonal movement regularly, it can be a bit buggy.

    Example quest:

    NOTE: There is one screen that uses solid and walkable water combos and one screen that uses ladder/hookshot, ladder only, and hookshot only combos.
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