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    General FAQ

    What is Final Fantasy Classic?
    Final Fantasy Classic aims to be a remake of FF1 (origins) in the style of early 2D FF games where everything - including characters, enemies, maps, sprites, tiles, logic, battles, and game-play mechanics, to name a few, are all editable.

    Is the engine and tools open source? -If so, where can I get it?
    Yes it is.

    What Does it run on?
    It should run on most platforms just fine. I only build for windows currently, but hopefully when it is released there will be at least Mac and Linux builds available.

    When will it be completed?
    We don't know when the next/any version will be released, so don't ask.

    How can I join the project or help out?
    Get in contact with me via PM on the forums and let me know!
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